Closing the gender pay gap in the Indian Ocean Rim - Shared screen with speaker view
Kate O’Shaughnessy
Morning all - greetings from the Australian High Commission (in lockdown) in Mauritius!
Liezelle Kumalo
Good Morning all, Liezelle from the Institute for Security Studies, South Africa
Marc Livsey
Greetings from the IORA Secretariat in Mauritius. Great that our partnership with UN Women is helping fill the data gap in the Indian Ocean region.
Julie McKay
If you have questions - please post them here and even if we don't have time to answer them on the event, we can revert to you afterwards.
How can we apply the concept presented to South East Asia context? As you may know, almost of SEA is developing countries so there are corruptions, gender-based discriminations and such.
Julie McKay
I think finding advocates is really important - having conversations with individual business leaders, helping them understand why this is important - human rights and business benefits - and then asking them to pilot initiatives and programs that might be game changing for female talent
Marc Livsey
Julie and Celine, thanks so much for insights. Is it harder to make change in the public sector, which is usually slower to change than private? Can international cooperation (like through IORA) help motivate governments?
Julie McKay
My experience is different in each country - in Australia, our government data is more progressive than our private sector data - but that is not consistent. Again - focusing on engaging leaders, setting targets and transparency and actively reporting on progress all helps
Julie McKay
Small businesses often struggle to make progress when they only have a small number of staff - but still focusing on leadership culture, investing in female talent
Marc Livsey
Thanks again Julie, Celine and Leigh for the fascinating discussion and supporting efforts toward equality in the region!
Julie McKay
Happy to be connected via linkedin if anyone wants to follow up with questions
Lina Adlouni
Thank you so much Julie, Celine and Leigh for your very insightful webinar!